Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Hillary Clinton
Despicable and Depraved Woman

Hillary Clinton's Life of Deceit

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The First Copy
Following his practice of not suffering fools without awarding consequences, the author has arranged for Hillary Clinton to receive the first copy of this book.

About the Book
Written in the form of a letter from the author to Hillary Clinton, this book exposes her as an unethical person who believes the presidency of the United States should be hers for the asking.

As a 2008 and 2016 candidate for the Oval Office, voters dashed Clinton’s hopes each time. The first time around, Clinton, our savior (in her mind only), lost to little-known, and untested by virtue of his U.S. Senate voting record, Barack Obama who became our 44th president. In 2016, Donald Trump, a man never elected to serve the public, was victorious and became our 45th president.

How could a person who had been in the national spotlight as the first lady of the United States, a U.S. senator and as our secretary of state lose a high profile election to one man with few known political achievements and another man with none?

Because she is a woman, you ask? Not a chance. A man with a similar history would have been kicked to the curb as well. Further, the people will elect a woman when they believe the right one has presented herself. Gender will not matter just as religion (John Kennedy – Catholic), divorce (Ronald Reagan) and race (Barack Obama – African American) did not prevent these men from becoming the first president in these categories.

Her publicly known scandals occurring before and during the time her husband Bill (Slick Willie) Clinton served the people of Arkansas as their attorney general and later as their governor and then the people of the United States as their president preceded other scandals, those most notably during her time as our secretary of state during the Obama administration.

The author goes beyond the seemingly endless favorable reports about Clinton spewed by the biased liberal media and, after researching other writings, brings to the reader’s attention whether biblical prophesies point to Clinton, whether she is a believer in occultism, her role in the Clinton body count murders and on and on.

Does the author believe everything he reads and hears about Hillary Clinton? No, not everything but he does believe that enough American voters believe enough of the stories and that the cumulative effect of the resulting rumors brought down both of Hillary Clinton’s runs for the presidency.

Further, the author believes all these facets of Hillary Clinton’s life affect her persona in a way that causes her to come across to voters as a shady character.

Opening eight paragraphs of the letter

May 30, 2020

Hillary Rodham Clinton
Post Office Box 5256
New York, NY 10185

Dear Hillary:

I read your book, What Happened, earlier this year and I am here to tell you I am not disappointed. It met my expectations fully. So much so that I scored the book a solid 10 on that often used 1 to 10 scale when answering the question: Did the book meet or exceed your expectations? I must say you did an excellent job praising your family and badmouthing your enemies. And you did so without causing further damage to your reputation, not that you could anyway.

Yes, your writing is exactly what I expected. Spot on.

You must still be patting yourself on your back.

Anyway, I have a few observations and suggestions – many more actually – that would have made your story more complete. And much more truthful too. By omitting the truth, you come across as a liar not to be trusted. Your well-publicized falsehoods along with omissions reinforce the people’s opinion that you are a liar not to be trusted. For the most part it is safe to say nobody likes a liar.

As you blame the Russians, James Comey, Donald Trump, the electoral system and on and on, think where you might be now if you had taken care of your own back yard over the years. Perhaps you would be poised for a 2020 reelection.

Much has been written about you. It is difficult for me to believe you are as evil as your enemies claim. Few people come close to measuring up to the nastiness attributed to you.

Whether the stories are true or untrue does not matter. What does matter is what voters believe.

Please read on for my observations and the voter’s likely perceptions of you.

The remainder of the letter addresses these Hillary Clinton controversies along with a closing comment.

November 8, 2016
Electoral College
American Socialism
Most Damaging Factors
Sniper Incident
Emails and WikiLeaks
Clinton Foundation
Cattle Futures
Whitewater Development Corp.
Slick Willie – High Pervert
Pantsuit on Fire
Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy
Clinton Body Count
The Supernatural
The Occult
Thomas Alfred Taylor

The Closing
There is much more I could say but for what reason? I have already said enough and have given you enough information to explain why you have not won a presidential election, and why, at least in my mind, you meet the dictionary definition of both despicable and depraved.

Worse, the two words more accurately describe you when one realizes you tried to dupe us twice.

At this date there is no indication you will somehow find your way to the 2020 presidential ticket but who knows what can or will happen?

Whatever, you have been taught but have you learned?


 (Honest) Larry Croft